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The Disney Fama Certificate is referred to as a certification programme or activity that is managed by Disney. Walt Disney, a well-known firm, developed the International Labor Conditions Program (ILS) to ensure that every site where its own brand items are produced may become a safe and corporate workplace. Disney also holds its suppliers accountable for adhering to the ILS Program standards. The largest firm in the world's entertainment and media sector, this audit outlines its operational standards. This audit covers every step of the process, from the planning stage to the sale of each Disney-branded product.

The fundamental guidelines that enterprises must abide by are included in a programme that Walt Disney has created.

Walt Disney has created a programme that outlines the fundamental guidelines that companies, workshops, and factories that produce goods under its own name must adhere to. The FAMA standard's objective is to audit suppliers and ascertain whether they adhere to specific criteria. Another goal of FAMA audits is to ensure that all businesses it partners with globally adhere to the relevant requirements and standards.

Scope of the Disney Fama audit

To make and market products bearing the Disney name, suppliers or manufacturers need to possess the Disney Fama Certificate. In order to receive this document, some controls must be entered and requirements must be met. If a business wishes to create and market goods to

A company must meet the Fama requirements and pass the audits in order to make and sell goods to Disney. Disney-branded products may not be manufactured, operated or used without a Fama certificate from the Disney company.

Without a Fama certificate from the Disney company, it is illegal to manufacture, operate, or utilise items bearing the Disney name. In this case, Disney-licensed suppliers and manufacturers are required to deliver or produce their goods in conformity with the ILS programme of the business.

During FAMA audits, a business with a Disney licence must present the required paperwork regarding the following matters:

1. Documents pertaining to the issues, such as payroll records, employment contracts, leave information, etc., must be declared.

2. All kinds of papers that have an impact on the workplace's occupational health and safety, whether they do so directly or indirectly, should be provided. Emergency action plans, training materials, firefighting supplies, a workplace physician, etc. are relevant in this context. The required paperwork for the subjects

The auditors should be shown any pertinent papers relating to the subjects.

3. All environmental activity reports, including those on waste information, flue gas emissions, and water analyses, are required.

4. Documents linked to other concerns involving production processes, such as customer and supplier lists, organisational charts, disciplinary procedures, etc., should also be developed.

"As EKOL Certification Consulting Service, our goal in the DISNEY FAMA Audit service is to make the necessary pre-audit preparations, to increase manager and staff understanding of the audits, to develop the appropriate documentation, and to execute all of the above. To receive assistance and thorough information regarding our Disney Fama service, please contact us.

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