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Accredium  is one of the largest and leading consultants in India. We are a transnational ISO certification consultants with clients in India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Russia etc.. We provide quick, result oriented and easy to implement consulting and training for ISO certificate.

Some of the numerous tribal crafts manufactured in India include: Antiques, 

Below are some of the Industries we served as a consultants for ISO certification.

Standards Popular Standards

Our greatest hits are the most widely used ISO Standards, which also include the standards for our management system.

You will be able to learn about some of the standards that are the most well-known and frequently applied, as well as those that address recently surfaced problems that we are all impacted by.

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Management system standards

The ISO standards offer a template that can be used as a guide during the process of establishing and running a management system.

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Quality management according to the ISO 9000 family

The family of standards known as ISO 9000 is the most well-known quality management standard in the world. This standard applies to businesses and organisations of any size.

The server room or the computers that serve as servers.

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Management of information security in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and related standards

Protection of an organization's data, network, and other sensitive information is absolutely necessary for businesses and other organisations in today's world. They are kept secure thanks to the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards.

These Guidelines, which are also referred to as IWA 42, are a tool that policy makers and anyone else who works toward the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions for their company, group, or country can use.

Family of standards ISO 45000 — Occupational health and safety

By implementing ISO 45001, you can lessen the dangers that employees face on the job and ensure that everyone goes home unharmed.

ISO 639 — Language codes

Utilizing this standard, describe languages in a manner that is recognised all over the world.

Currency codes according to ISO 4217

When using this standard to refer to world currencies, make sure not to cause any confusion.

Date and time format according to ISO 8601

The standard for representing times and dates that is used all over the world is called ISO 8601.

ISO 9660 is an imaging standard for use with computer files.

The industry standard that made it possible to produce compact discs.

ISO 13216 is the standard for child safety seats known as ISOFIX.

ISOFIX car seats are those that comply with ISO 13216.

ISO 6 — Camera film speed

ISO 6 was one of the earliest ISO standards, and it enabled photographers to pick the appropriate film for the subject they were photographing.

Family of ISO 14000 — Environmental management standards

Use this family of standards to improve your organization's performance in regards to the environment. ISO/IEC 17025: Testing and calibration laboratories

Procedures of testing and calibration carried out utilising standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods

ISO 13485 — Medical devices

Utilizing ISO 13485, quality can be managed throughout the entirety of the life cycle of a medical device.

Management of food safety according to ISO 22000

With the help of this family of standards, you can instil confidence in your food products.

The social responsibility standard ISO 26000

Using this standard will assist your organisation in conducting its business in a manner that is socially responsible.

ISO 31000 — Risk management

Utilizing this ISO standard, you can effectively manage the risks that could put your company's performance at risk.

Anti-bribery management systems, also known as ISO 37001.

Combat, investigate, and safeguard against bribery.

ISO 3166, also known as the Country Codes

When using this standard, be sure to avoid creating any confusion when referring to countries and the subdivisions of those countries.

ISO 50001 — Energy management

The standard developed by ISO to assist organisations in better managing their energy performance.

ISO 20121: Events that are sustainable

Utilizing this standard, you can effectively manage the social, economic, and environmental impacts of your event.

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