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A Halal certification is a certificate that is recognised internationally and is required in 117 countries in order to be granted permission to trade. Restaurants, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, catering services, hospitals, and travel and tourism businesses can all receive certifications from us.Top Halal Certification Consultants in Delhi ISO Certification Consultants, ISO 9001 Quality Certification Services, Food Safety License Top Halal Certification Consultants in Delhi ISO Certification Consultants for Limited Company of Halal Consultancy Services in India and the company has been in operation for 13 years and one month as of the date of its registration in Bhopal.


When most people think of Halal food, their thoughts immediately go to products made of meat. However, it is the responsibility of both buyers and sellers to confirm that all foods, and particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and non-food items such as cosmetics, are Halal. Because these products frequently contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are forbidden to use in Halal cuisine, a Halal certification is necessary in order to sell them.

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Accredium is dedicated to providing Halal Consulting and Advisory services for businesses.

When it comes to the inner and outer workings of the Halal ecosystem, Accredium, a halal consultancy, provides a one-stop professional solution for businesses and organisations. Certification of Food as Halal in India, Halal Certification Worldwide

To better serve the Muslim community, we offer: Halal Certification; Professional Halal Training; Halal Consultancy; Halal Testing and Research; Halal Friendly Tourism; Halal Expo, Webinars &.

Accredium is a top ISO Certification Consultants, ISO 9001 Quality Certification Services, Food Safety License, and Halal Consultancy & Advisory firm in Delhi. Consulting goes beyond simple advice providing. When it comes to Halal Certifications, we're here as reliable allies to help you figure out the problems and come up with the answers you need.

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HALAL certification

HALAL inspections

HALALAL documentation

HALAL YSTEMS implementation


Consultant for Halal Certification | Certificate for Halal Food

As one of the best Halal Certificate Consultants in Ahmedabad, India, we can help you get the certification you need to sell or serve halal food. Get in touch with us if you need Halal certification speedily, simply, and at a reasonable price.Halal certification is the only certification that certifies the storage, ingredients, and process of production of final products. A restaurant that possesses Halal certification from an authorised body helps its customers identify the brand with products of the highest quality because Halal certification is the only certification that certifies these aspects.

As a result, it is a very important tool for the company to use to gain an advantage over rival businesses.


Air Catering Halal Compliance is an absolute necessity for in-flight catering due to the increasing variety of dietary requirements that passengers request. We are convinced that offering halal food on aeroplanes will encourage more people to visit India so they can experience the country's diverse heritage, culture, cuisine, and warm hospitality.

Travel to Medical Facilities That Are Halal (HFMT

Due to the fact that India is rapidly becoming a hub where hospitals that meet international standards are being established, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients travelling to India from the Middle East and other Islamic countries (OIC's). When compared to the United States of America, Europe, and other countries, the cost of treatment that we provide to medical tourists is much more comparable and affordable due to the fact that we have world-class doctors, infrastructure, and advanced technology. Patients from around the world therefore continue to pick India as their destination of choice for medical touris



Halal Compliance in Logistic

When making a halal product, one of the most important principles that should be prioritised is ensuring that the products are not adulterated in any way with non-halal ingredients at any point in the production process. Therefore, in this context, logistics is regarded as one of the probable sections of the supply chain that presents a covert threat to the halal integrity of the product. Companies need to be well versed in the entire ethos in order to maintain what is known as the "halal integrity" of a food product. In order to be at the top of the halal logistics, companies need to be well versed in the entire ethos.

Tourism that is Friendly to Halal (HFT)

Every traveller, upon leaving the country in which they normally reside and venturing to a new country, has the expectation that they will be able to locate lodging, facilities, and services that have been certified as Halal. As part of our Halal Friendly Tourism certification, we certify the following services.

Food that is Halal and Comes with Complete Assurance (Halal Certified Food by a competent Halal Authority)

Major Consideration in Halal  Certification

A place of worship located within the hotel or building The Qibla direction of the premises should be marked in some way in the room so that people can pray facing the correct direction.

Prayer mats

A listing of the local prayer times

Ramadan-related services, including a copy of the Quran


With more than 75% of the medical tourists being from the Middle East, hospitals are eyeing 'halal' certification to make them feel at home.

On Monday, Chennai-based Global Health City said it has became the first in the country to receive the 'halal' certification from the Halal Development Authority.

The certification would mean they get 'halal' meat in food and have 'quiblah' (the direction of Mecca) signs in every room and prayer hall.

'At least five leading hospital groups in the country including Apollo Hospitals and Fortis are in talks with the authority, said Halal India general manager Mohamed Noman Lateef.

In Chennai, Mehta Hospitals and Lifeline Hospitals have also sent applications for the certification.

Who Can Obtain HALAL CERTIFICATIONS in India or What is Eligibility for HALAL CERTIFICATION

Training That Is Halal Compliant

Training That Is Halal Compliant

The goal of the Training Department at Halal India is to educate people all over the world about Halal Compliance from a technical standpoint, as well as its application and implementation in our day-to-day lives.

Halal-india-Internal-Auditor-Training\shalal-india Instruction for Lead Auditors (HCLA-HALAL COMPLIANCE LEAD AUDITOR) - Lead-Auditor-Training s(HCLA-HALAL COMPLIANCE LEAD AUDITOR)


Instruction for Internal Auditors

The Lead Auditor Training Programs are intended to be both technically very comprehensive and to provide both a basic fundamental and a practical understanding of Halal. It emphasises on the quality and safety of Halal products and services, which ultimately enables the overall development of Halal Industries. It covers the Shariah aspects, the Halal certification process, the Halal market, Halal food, and consumerism


The international market for halal food and drink is expanding at an annual rate of 6.9%, which is faster than the growth rate of the overall food industry. The value of the global Halal market is estimated to be close to 4 trillion USD today. Participating in a training programme that focuses on Halal practises is the simplest way to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that has become available as a result of the severe shortage of Halal professionals who are properly trained and certified. This programme will deliver the comprehensive training that will provide the basic fundamental as well as practical understanding of Halal methods.

Which are the services or industry that Have Obtained Halal Certification

To make sure they are suitable for Muslim customers to visit or use, Halal Certification is typically achieved for locations like restaurants, hotels, slaughterhouses, and packaging and labelling materials.

What exactly is meant by the term halal certification scheme?

The Halal certificate is a document that certifies that goods and services intended for Muslims adhere to Islamic law and are thus acceptable for consumption in both Muslim-majority countries and Western nations where a sizeable population of Muslims reside (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain). Halal certification is a procedure that certifies a product's attributes and quality in accordance with the guidelines established by the Islamic Council that permit the use of the Halal mark. It is primarily used for meat products as well as other foods including milk, canned food, and additives. Halal specifically confirms for meat products that the animals were killed in a single cut, properly bled, and that their meat had not come into touch with any prohibited substances.

Documents Required for Halal Certification

Essential Documents /Important Documents

Important Documents for HALAL certification

What is Halal Certification Procedure

Requisitions must be made on official letterhead and include the signatory's proper signature in order to be considered.

Organizations must apply in person or by mail to the Halal Certification Council with the necessary documentation.

Application submitted will be processed. The applicant is informed of the following course of action.

The relevant authorities will audit the premises and conduct inspections.

The audited report will be taken into account for licence granting.

A certificate will be awarded if the results are satisfactory.

If the customer does not comply with the halal requirements, the Halal Council may reject the application for halal certification.

What is validity of Halal Certification in India

Except for meat exports, the Halal Certificate is valid for a year. Here, a Halal-Certificate is required for every shipmen.

Certain certificate bodies issue the halal certification for 2 years also/

The question of how to become a halal consultant is another common one.

Consulting is more than just offering advice to clients. We are your reliable partners who are dedicated to jointly developing solutions 

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