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ecifications for goods, known as "essential requirements" or "performance levels" and "Harmonized Standards," may be found in product directives. European Standards (also known as Harmonization Documents) are the technical guidelines developed by a consortium of European standardisation bodies, and they form the basis of what are known as Harmonized Standards (CEN, CENELEC, etc).

How well do you understand the requirements for a product to have the CE mark? Is your company aware of the European regulations that govern the sale of its wares? Are you aware of how to significantly improve your product's chances of receiving CE approval? If you completely grasp the fundamentals of CE marking, do you think your approach and tactics will change?

A customer's expectation of a product's quality is often based on whether or not it has the CE label, which indicates that the product has met certain minimal criteria.


It is required that the CE marking be affixed only by the manufacturer or his authorised agent.

Only items for which particular Community harmonisation law requires the CE marking to be attached are allowed to bear the mark.

In order to prove that a product complies with the standards set out by the Community harmonisation law requiring its affixing, the CE marking must be present.

Putting any kind of symbol, sign, or inscription on a product that might confuse consumers about the intended purpose or appearance of the CE marking is strictly forbidden. Adding additional markings is permitted so long as they do not obscure the CE designation or otherwise render it meaningless.

To prevent misuse of the CE marking, each member state must guarantee effective application of the system controlling it. In addition, each member state must establish a system of consequences in the event of a violation, which may include criminal penalties in extreme cases. The sanctions must be commensurate with the nature of the offence and serve as a strong deterrence against any such misuse.

Procedures for Obtaining CE Markings 

Who Is Responsible for CE Enforcement?

Manufacturers that get their products CE-marked are able to sell them freely inside the European Economic Area's 30 member states (EEA).

Affect of Export Self-Certification on CE Country applicability

Products for which a quotation is needed CE

Documentation Issued by a Notified Body for Each Identified 

Product Intended Items Checklist 

Procedures for Obtaining CE Markings

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Principles for CE Marking in General

If you make or import a product that is covered by one or more of the New Approach Directives and you want to sell it in any of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, you must have it CE marked to show that it complies with the minimum standards set out in those laws.

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The advantages of obtaining a CE mark are as follows.

Technical Advisors for HACCP and ISO 22000

Access to the European Market through a Product Passport

In order to increase sales in Europe,....

To help businesses break into new markets or expand existing ones, CE Marking provides a seal of approval for their products.

Achieving sales and quality targets is aided with a CE Marking accreditation. To sell in Europe, you need a CE Mark certification.

Acknowledgement of Conformity with European Standards (CE Marking)

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Consultant ISO 27001 Six Sigma

European Committee for Standardization, or CEN for short.

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, or Cenelec, for short.

CE A product's markings tells regulators in a certain nation that they may lawfully release it for sale there.

CE For products to be freely traded inside the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Union (EU) single market, they must be marked (total 30 countries)

CE Products with identifying marks make it possible for customs and enforcement/vigilance agencies to recall items that don't meet standards.

More and additional items need the CE Marking to enter the EFTA and European Union markets as more regulations become law. Many non-EU exporters, however, are still either oblivious to or uncertain of the implications of this reality.